Friday, September 12, 2008

A 11 Ball Over

Have you ever heard of a 11 all over in cricket with none of them no balls and wides.??sounds crazy is it.??
But it has really happened. A 11 ball over has occurred in cricket. It was a test match played in Auckland between England and New Zealand. New Zealand Off spinner John Sparkling was bowling the sixth over of the innings and at the end of the sixth over umpire lost his balls count and so started it again. The umpire officiating in that test match was "Dick Shortt" . Eventually that over had 11 legal deliveries with none of them no balls and wides . hahaha.. imagine how the bowler would have felt!!!!:)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chennai's woes

For a past couple of weeks chennai people have been struggling as the power shortage had struck hard on them. The government introducing a new scheme"power holiday" where residents power supply are muted for one hour in the morning and half an hour n the evening.. But a very disappointing thing is that those people residing outside chennai [ in suburbs] their power supply are muted for two morning hours and one evening hours. i really don't know why they do it like that. Do they think those people living outside chennai does not need that much power supply as those in the city. "strange thought"..i feel unlucky as i am also residing in the outskirts of chennai.hope this problem will become rectified and chennai comes to its best

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SA Collapses

South Africa has collapsed to 83 runs against England in its one day match. SA was never in the game from the starting of the match with england bowlers bowling in a great line and length, SA struggled through out the game. It was only when the toss was held SA were in the game. Toss was their only success in their yesterdays game against England. It was England all the way. England is suddenly taking rapid strides to glory with its new captain Kevin Pietersen who is both talented and aggressive. He has already said about a ashes victory against Australia,with this kind of form his team is in, ashes will surely slip away from the Aussies.

Rain Plays Spoilsport

Rain halted the Indians from sealing the series against the Lankans in the fourth one day between India and Sri Lanka. Though play will be held in the reserve day , Lankans will surely feel the pressure of the Indian bowling attack which suddenly from no where has been firing on all cylinders. Zaheer is striking i the initial over, praveen is bowling in great rhythm, and munaf bowling to his potential, and harbhajan is now bowling with lot more confidence. Should India seal the series in the fourth one dayer, it will be a good reply for its debacle in tests.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Indian Olympic Hopes...!

Ah what a grand opening ceremony it was for the olympics with all kind of fire crackers and the spectacular olympic torch lit in a grand fashion.
The first day of Olympics approached and all set for a great Indian day in the Olympics. But unfortunately Indian shooters were off target and hopes of Indian judo and shooting gold medal went begging. But still there are more games to come and lets pray India bags as many Gold medals in this Olympics as possible.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Everyone in the world are very specific or more careful in picking up a date to get married to their loved ones or to the one whom they are going to get married..this day is no that because of the number of the date more easy to remember..people prefer to get married on days like this..yes might be..but after all marriage is all about heart more than the date...but many people think it in other way.they are specific on the dates of their wedding ,anyway .the date is a rare one and so and hence many people in many countries are queuing to get married on that particular day........for all those getting married on that day

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

my blogging experience

hi..this is my blog created solely for myself to eexpress my thoughts,scribble about things i love and hate and also to create a new blog frnds