Friday, September 12, 2008

A 11 Ball Over

Have you ever heard of a 11 all over in cricket with none of them no balls and wides.??sounds crazy is it.??
But it has really happened. A 11 ball over has occurred in cricket. It was a test match played in Auckland between England and New Zealand. New Zealand Off spinner John Sparkling was bowling the sixth over of the innings and at the end of the sixth over umpire lost his balls count and so started it again. The umpire officiating in that test match was "Dick Shortt" . Eventually that over had 11 legal deliveries with none of them no balls and wides . hahaha.. imagine how the bowler would have felt!!!!:)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chennai's woes

For a past couple of weeks chennai people have been struggling as the power shortage had struck hard on them. The government introducing a new scheme"power holiday" where residents power supply are muted for one hour in the morning and half an hour n the evening.. But a very disappointing thing is that those people residing outside chennai [ in suburbs] their power supply are muted for two morning hours and one evening hours. i really don't know why they do it like that. Do they think those people living outside chennai does not need that much power supply as those in the city. "strange thought"..i feel unlucky as i am also residing in the outskirts of chennai.hope this problem will become rectified and chennai comes to its best